Baker – Late Season @ Grandma’s Crevasse

Words – Seth

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Images – Brad Andrew

For most people riding comes to a halt before May. Yet with a few shots needed for my Wild Card video part and plenty of motivation, I decided to head back out to Baker after the Superpark 16 festivities and got to work in the backcountry.

When it comes to Washington, the weather doesn’t always like to cooperate, so you learn to make the most out of overcast days and rainy weather. You pack up extra gear, prepare for the worst and just get to work. Things don’t always work out, but every now and then you get a glimpse of the sun, or a spot that simply comes together. With all of that said it doesn’t hurt to work with great photographers like Brad Andrew.

With a fairly small crew and not the best weather we decided to go for the sure thing: build the legendary Baker step down over the crevasse in Grandma’s. With all things aside I’d say it was a definite success and the shots came out pretty rad thanks to a solid crew. Late season sessions are always a bit of a mission but it’s nice to stomp a few more tricks and keep stacking clips for your part.

I unexpectedly called Baker home for a good chunk of the winter, and I couldn’t be happier. Not only was it a great time, but an awesome learning experience and good opportunity to get out of my comfort zone. With the help of lots of great photographers like Brad, great equipment and the skilled Wild Card movies crew, I think some great stuff is going to rise to the surface. Check out Wild Card movies in the Fall of 2012!