Derek Livingston Rises to the Top at Snow Crown!

Words by Derek Livingston:

The Snow Crown Canadian Championships took place at the Calgary Olympic Park on March 16th 2013. As I was last years Snow Crown Champion, I had pre-qualified straight through to the finals, which gave me time to sit back and watch the qualifiers go off. All of the young guns from all over the country came out to fight for one of ten qualifying spots for a shot at the title as National Champion.

Winning last year’s event, put me as the last competitor to drop on the startlist, giving me the advantage to see everyone’s runs. Coming up to my second run I was sitting in second place and I knew I had to

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stomp a clean run to defend my title. My second and wining run consisted of a backside method, a frontside 720 double poke, haakon flip 720, a fronside 900, and a backside 900. As I rode out of my backside 900, I was stoked to have put down a nice clean run and I knew this could potentially put me on the top of the podium!

After not releasing the final scores, the judges created a suspenseful podium announcement, where they announced me as the Snow Crow Canadian Champion. As well as wining the event, I was awarded best trick for my a stylish backside 900. After a quick photo-op, they handed out champaign to the winners. This being my first bottle of champaign, I had a little trouble popping the cork, while being doused from both sides.

Afterwards, I went home for some rest and relaxation to get ready for the slopestyle event in the morning, in which I placed 7th. To celebrate a solid weekend of riding, a night on the town was in order to conclude the event.