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Name: Derek Livingston

Nickname: D-Rock

Home Mountain: Alpine Ski Club and Blue Mountain. Ontario, Canada

Sponsors: SIMS Snowboards, 686 Clothing, Smith Goggles, Madwax, Blue Mountain Resort, Alpine Ski Club, Icarus Shreducation

Years Riding: 13

What got you into riding a snowboard: My Parents gave my older brother and I snowboards for Christmas one year and we both loved it. My brother started hitting the park and pushing me to keep up with all of the tricks he was learning. We really fed off of each other and pushed each other to learn new tricks.

Interests besides snowboarding: Hanging at the beach, working out, hanging with friends, biking around, having fun! Biggest accomplishment on a snowboard: I just landed my first double in the halfpipe! check out the video here:

What was the first trick you mastered? I probably learned how to do an Ollie or a 50-50 before anything else. But my favorite trick is a back 7 off anything big.

Where is your favorite place to ride your SIMS board and why? My favorite place to ride is Whistler Blackcomb in British Columbia, Canada. It has everything from nice groomers to an amazing park as well as some awesome off piste terrain where you find all of the powder. You can shred everything in one day and have so much fun!

How many snowboarding related broken bones have you accumulated? Broke a bone in my right foot, a bone in my wrist, broke my collarbone twice, and broke my nose once, for a total of 5 broken bones.

Are there any weird rituals you do before a contest? I’m not really a superstitious person but I always put my right boot on first in the morning. Nothing too weird but its something I like to do.

What old school graphic should SIMS bring back? I really love the re-issued Switchblade graphic. I got to ride that last season and I fully enjoyed it. The old school graphic and fluorescent colors are so sick.

What are your thoughts on having slopestyle in the Olympics? What trick do you think will win the Gold medal? I’m really stoked to see slopestyle get into the Olympics. It’s going to make snowboarding a lot more popular and well known to the world. As for the winning run, there will definitely be a triple cork or two in the mix somewhere.

Bucket list location to ride your SIMS board? Alaska, LAAX-Switzerland, Austria, and Japan would all be amazing.