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Gaetan Chanut aka ‘Gate Norrix’


Age: Mature in my immaturity


Years riding: 25


Home Mountain: Whistler


Sponsors: SIMS Snowboards, Now Bindings, Axis Boutiques


Select board: Switch Blade 160


Stance and angles: Regular footed, 23 1/2" wide. 18 degrees up front, -12 degrees out back.


Go to trick: F/S 360.


Ideal shred day: Deep powder day with two or three of your best riding buddies.


First day snowboarding: Went from catching every edge and falling on my Black Snow board in the beginning of the day to buttering the slope all the way down with a borrowed SIMS Switch Blade at the end of the day.


Standing sideways: Gin Tonics or beer mixed with coolers.


Interests: Everything that is outside and active. Things that involve exploring and adventuring. I also like to relax and enjoy myself after a good day full of accomplishments.


Favorite toy: Ski-Doo XM 800 E-Tec 154"


Thanks: Tom Sims!