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Seth ‘Dreidel’ Hill

Years riding: 16

Home Mountain: Breckenridge

Sponsors: SIMS Snowboards, Smith, Phunkshun, Love Distributions, Union, Adidas, Crab Grab

Board of Choice: Juice 156

Stance and angles: Regular - 22” wide, 12/-12

Thoughts on SIMS bringing production back to America: Best move ever. Not only does it guarantee quality production and strong materials, but it also goes back to the original status of what SIMS was all about: Made in the USA!

Go to trick: BS 1080

Ideal shred day: Fun, sunny powder laps with a good crew, ending in a sunset jump session.

First day snowboarding: 10 years old on rental gear on a spring break in Whistler BC. Thanks parents!

Interests: Skateboarding, Filming, Photography, Cars

Thanks: MOM and DAD, Marc Vitelli, Brother Aaron and all the riders who have helped me along the way.

Twitter: Sethdreidelhill
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Seth Hill @ Superpark19