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Home Mountain: Keystone

Sponsors: SIMS Snowboards/Outerwear, Smith Optics, Phunkshun Wear, Full Circle WA, Protect Our Winters, Drift Innovation, Crab Grab

When you aren't shredding what are you up to? Photography, girls, skateboarding and having a good time in life.

Which 13/14 SIMS board do you prefer to ride? The X-Wedge and Enduro 155.

What are your goals for the 13/14 season? Keep competing and stay in the top 25 of the TTR and film another full-length video part for Wildcard movies.

What is your first memory of the SIMS brand? No specific image, just always an awesome SIMS back cover ad in Snowboarder Magazine. Also the Switch Blade was my older brother’s first board and since he was my biggest influence, his first snowboard sticks out in my mind.

What was the first trick you mastered? Backside 540… Which evolved to backside 900.

Where is your favorite place to ride your SIMS board and why? Sunny days in Keystone Parks, or Pow days in Baker Washington.

How many snowboarding related broken bones have you accumulated? 6… If you include a minor knee surgery.

Are there any weird rituals you do before a contest? I listen to Relax by "Frankie goes to Hollywood".

You had a pretty epic showing at Superpark this past season, tell us about that experience? Well getting awarded with Superpark’s Standout from 2012 was definitely a career highlight. Other than that, I just enjoy boarding with all the homies. The sunrise shoots are a pretty unique experience as well.

As a coach at HCSC what is the one thing about snowboarding you think is most important to teach the young little rippers? I think confidence in your riding and commitment are the two things I really push on all my campers.

What old school graphic should SIMS put on a current board? The most classic ones for me were the re-make of the Noah Salasnek skateboard base graphic, and the iconic Switch Blade. With that said, I am also pretty excited for the re-release of the Terry Kidwell which should be coming out soon.

What are your thoughts on having slopestyle in the Olympics? I think any opportunity to increase snowboarding’s coverage and image is a good thing. I don't necessarily think it will be the best example of who is the best snowboarder. But it will for sure help our industry.

Bucket list location to ride your SIMS board? Everywhere and anywhere. I was in 12 countries this last year and would like to expand that list. Going to try and snowboard in Turkey this year if possible.

Twitter: Sethdreidelhill
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