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Trevor Niblett

Age: 21

Years Riding: 14 seasons

Home mountain: Mount St. Louis Ontario

Sponsors: SIMS, Von Zipper, Billabong, SAXX, Team LTD, KUU

Board: Protocol 160 and Enduro 160

Stance: Regular, 12 and -12

Go to trick: Double backside 1080’s on jumps feel really cool. Just big straight airs in halfpipe are also my favorite.

Ideal shred day: A sunny, freshly groomed Breckenridge park at 1 degree Celsius.

First day snowboarding: Probably the most frustrated I have ever been on a snowboard.

Interests: wakeboarding/waterskiing, trampoline, xbox and skateboarding.

Favorite toy: I have a hydrofoil sky ski and rip it up at my cottage in the summer. Always turning heads.

Thanks to: Mom and Dad and SIMS Snowboards!