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Name: Trevor Niblett

Home Mountain: Mount St. Louis Moonstone, ON

Sponsors: SIMS, Billabong, VonZipper, Northwave/Drake, Kuu, TEAMLTD, Icarus Shreducation

Years Riding: 13 Seasons

What got you into riding a snowboard: My dad got my sister a snowboard for Christmas, she thought it was awful, turns out I thought it was THE BEST!

Interests besides snowboarding: Water sports! Mainly wakeboarding, barefooting and kiteboarding.

Biggest accomplishment on a snowboard: Learning double corks off jumps and in the pipe feel like my biggest accomplishments. Those things are scary.

What was the first trick you mastered? At the time a toe turn felt like a trick, so I’m going to go with the toe turn.

Where is your favorite place to ride your SIMS board and why? Breckenridge Colorado. It’s always sunny and the terrain is the best!

How many snowboarding related broken bones have you accumulated? I’ve had a few broken ribs, broken my tailbone 5 times and a broken wrist. I dislocated my shoulder so many times I needed a surgery and now I have 2 pins and 4 screws keeping it together.

Are there any weird rituals you do before a contest? I visualize my runs over and over while I’m waxing my board the night before, nothing too weird.

What old school graphic should SIMS bring back? The 1700 Ultimate!

What are your thoughts on having slopestyle in the Olympics? What trick do you think will win the Gold medal? I like the idea a lot, I think with FIS judging, it’s pretty obvious that the triple cork will win.

Bucket list location to ride your SIMS board? Japan.