Seth Hill, Snowboarder Mag’s Superpark 16 ‘Standout’!

SIMS rider Seth Hill was one of a couple hundred riders invited to Snowboarder Mag’s Superpark 16 Event at Mt Bachelor, OR in early May. There were 4 build teams from the U.S. invited to build larger than life progressive and unique features: Mt. Bachelor, Oregon; Loon Mountain, New Hampshire; Boreal, California; and Seven Springs, Pennsylvania. These build teams created some of the best Superpark setups to date, including step overs, step ups, step downs, redirects, multi-use features, drops, bonks and some seriously large cheese wedges. Good thing for Seth, he likes to jump.

From day 1, Seth was helping to lead the charge on the features. He was 1 of 20 riders invited to a sunset shoot at the end of Day 2 on the Seven Springs booter and then he was 1 of 7 riders invited to a sunrise shoot on Day 4 on the monstrous Loon Mountain feature (above photo). Seth crushed it at the early morning session with every variation of a 5, 7 and 9 one can think of. Seth also laid down his go to double cork cab 1080 and also landed his first double back rodeo! 5 days of riding with the best of the best and things can only progress.

At the end of Day 5, Seth was awarded with Gatorade’s 2012 “Driven From Within” Superpark 16 Standout and $2500 in cold hard cash! Well deserved Seth, solid shredding! (In case you were wondering, Seth rode the 1213 E Board and the 1213 Quest.)

Check out the video edit from Seth’s time at Superpark 16!

Thanks to Snowboarder Mag, Mt. Bachelor, Gatorade, Prinoth and Sunriver Resort for providing the landscape to establish this as one of the best Superpark events ever. For a more detailed recap of Superpark 16, jump over to