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Board of Choice: Blade, snappy and responsive for the big jumps, as well as all over the mountain. Feels sturdy on my feet and can handle anything I put in its way!

Set-up: Regular footed, 12/-12 centered or a little set-back.

Bread and Butter Trick: Backside 1080

Home: Grew up riding Mt. Ashland in Southern Oregon.  Now I spend most of my time around Summit County, CO and Copper Mountain.

Best Shred Trip You’ve Been On: Damn that’s a hardline: Switzerland, Japan, or Alaska.

Years of Standing Sideways: 7 years on the SIMS Snowboards program, 19 years standing sideways

Other Sponsors: Westbeach, Phunkshun, Smith, Elm Company, Union Bindings, Celtek, Polar

Hobbies: Lots of photography, videography and running my production company RGWproductions.  In the summer, skate, mountain biking, video and photo production.

Shout-Outs: Of course Mom and Pop for getting me on the shred stick in the first place, my bro Aaron for inspiring me to stand sideways in the begining, all the coaches, mentors and amazing riders that have helped me achieve my goals, especially Pat Abramson.