Seth @dewtour #streetstyleSeth tree shot @cfunk_802Seth SP 4 @slewdudeSeth Snowboarder @siasnowsports @snowboardermagSeth Skate- @andybrownphotoSeth Pow ShredSeth Bull of the Woods 2 @dontylerBoard of Choice: Blade, snappy and responsive for the big jumps, as well as all over the mountain. Feels sturdy on my feet and can handle anything I put in its way!

    Set-up: Regular footed, 12/-12 centered or a little set-back.

    Bread and Butter Trick: Backside 1080

    Home: Grew up riding Mt. Ashland in Southern Oregon.  Now I spend most of my time around Summit County, CO and Copper Mountain.

    Best Shred Trip You’ve Been On: Damn that’s a hardline: Switzerland, Japan, or Alaska.

    Years of Standing Sideways: 7 years on the SIMS Snowboards program, 19 years standing sideways

    Other Sponsors: Westbeach, Phunkshun, Smith, Elm Company, Union Bindings, Celtek, Polar

    Other Hobbies: Lots of photography, videography and running my production company RGWproduction.  In the summer, skate, mountain biking, video and photo production.

    Shout-Outs: of course Mom and Pop for getting me on the shred stick in the first place, my bro Aaron for inspiring me to stand sideways in the begging, all the coaches, mentors and amazing riders that have helped me achieve my goals, especially Pat Abramson.

    Social Media:

    Insta: @sethdreidelhill & @rgwproductions

    Google +: @sethhill


      FLASKA LEAVING MAMMOTH @slewdudeSP FLASKA STILL 2SP FLASKA STILL 5SP FLASKA STILL 6SP Flaska STILL 7SP FLASKA STILL 1-2Board of choice: 153 JUICE! Never have I ridden a board so fun, playful, and jibby that will rocket me off big jumps and cliffs.  No tradeoff, tons of pop!  This board is pissed!!

      Bread and Butter trick: Front Rodeo 7

      Years riding: 19

      Home: Michigan. Park City Mountain Resort

      Other Sponsors: Max Snowboard Shop

      Stance and angles: I have never measured the width of my stance and don’t plan to. I like to ride about 1cm back-of-center for a directional stance. Duck 12’s on the angles.

      Bread and Butter trick: Front Rodeo 7

      Other Hobbies: I love the water, really just being around it.  Sitting on the beach in Michigan, enjoying the fresh water, floating down the river, battle axe tubing (that shit gets real — people get knocked out all the time), river hikes in the desert, surfing in Encinitas… If there’s water, I’m in!  Other than that, I like to spend my free time camping and finding new places to explore.

      Shout Outs:  Thank you mom for always making sure I went snowboarding and making sure it was something I pursued from the time I was a kid. My brother, for taking me out and making sure all the older kids had my back on the hill.  My whole family always took snowboarding as seriously as I did.  Sooo many times have I had a homie make sure I was able to shred.  If I ever broke a board, someone had one for me — boots, bindings, everything.  I’ve gone through an entire season without a winter jacket, until someone put one on my back. The list of people who have “sponsored” me throughout the years is endless, but I can guarantee every last one of them knew how much it meant to me at the time and to this day.  I’ll try to name just a few off the top of my head, everyone at SIMS Snowboards, Alyson, Alden, Varner, Ron, Ozzy, Fucca, Scott, Shields, Jason, Munoa, Jordan, Mr. Anderson, Jacob, Babo, Bjorn, Cheese Burger, Cooper; my hero, Jesse, Durgan, Devo, Larson, Park City park crew (big shout out there), O.G., Shortbus, Dane, Zach, all the homies from Max snowboard shop, Stanley, Tassle, Tomai, and anybody else I may have forgotten that made sure I was able to shred at one point in time, thank you.

      Social Media:

      Insta: @flaskaryan

      • MIKE SEARS

        Board of Choice: Sims Dealers Choice-
        This board has such a good flex and is super fun on just about anything you throw in front of it. I love how smooth it is taking it off jumps and sending it down groomers holding a strong edge the entire way down.  The new Shockwave camber is amazing for rails keeping it very playful yet stable and firm and allows you to lock onto rails with ease.
        Stance: 15, -9 Regular
        Bread and Butter Trick: Frontflip or Cab 270/270 off
        Home: Big Boulder Park, Flemington, NJ
        Years Standing Sideways: 16
        Best Shred Trip: I Just went two weeks on the road with Zeal to both, Woodward Copper and Woodward Tahoe and had a blast.  It was awesome to go to Woodward Tahoe for the first time and experience the way we got there camping out every night in new spots and the people met along the way sure made this summer one for the books.
        Other Sponsors:  Zeal Optics, Technine, Str8 G Industries, Baf Wax, BMFmovement
        13508970_10206457388096785_4876278224276638065_n13566954_10206470060213580_689010365233745332_n13882609_10206661820167459_9073098616717665195_n13902635_10206672399631939_9134431833075290895_n735241_10205676143686163_7337173512600286012_n12366435_10205328893285120_4411308560666858659_n13315690_10206284023082768_2738655196570239024_n13327448_10206316902704738_8809572041071482819_n13450783_10206436469133824_5216538405934928913_nOther Hobbies: Besides Snowboarding, I spend time with my family.  I have a 3 year old son that is already on a board and is progressing every time he straps in.  Heading down to the jersey shore and dominating boardwalk games is always a good time.  I try to get some time in at Mt Hood for some summer riding, and i travel with Zeal to the summer camps which helps keep my board under my feet.
        Shout Outs: I wanna give a shout out to my family for the support through the years, the shops that have taken care of my boards through the years, and my friends that have pushed me and that i have ridden with since i started. Last i wanna give a huge shout out to Tom and everyone at Sims for helping me chase my dream and keep it alive.
        Social Media:
        Instagram- @mikesears_
        Facebook Athlete Page- Mike Sears
        Twitter- @M1KES3ARS


          Board of Choice: Blade 1590X. I like this board because it is solid for big backcountry jumps and floats on top of powder like butter!
          Set-Up: My angle is regular 15 degrees and negative 9 on the back foot
          Other Sponsors: Flux Bindings
          Bread and Butter Trick: My favorite tricks include switch back 900 mute, front seven melon, switch back rodeo 9 and the back one with any grab.
          Home: My home resort is squaw valley as well as my home town and favorite resort. RICKY 13RICKY 8RICKY 9RICKY 10RICKY 7RICKY 5RICKY 3RICKY 11

          Best Shred Trip: Best trip would be up in Whistler filming with Kingpin and Josh (Fletch) Felicano.
          Other Hobbies: Other things I do in winter is snowmobile to find new zones and travel.  Summer fun is out on the boat, or practice at Woodward, camping and being outdoors.
          Shout Outs: Shout out to all my family for support, sims, flux and all the people who inspire and make this sport what it is!


          Social Media:

          Instag: @rickygeeedit

          • HARRY GRAY

            Board of Choice: I love the Dealers Choice, responsive, fun, and poppy! All around amazing board that will charge anything you put in front of it!

            Set-up: front 27, back -25, width 22.5 inches, Regular

            IMG_0593IMG_0646IMG_066013549134_10153613006596674_1252041756_oFridaBerglund_150702864FridaBerglund_150702885HarryG_1080x1349Bread and Butter Trick: Method, BS 5, or front 3!

            Home: Home resort is Whistler Blackcomb, home town is Whistler, and favorite resort has to be Whistler Blackcomb! You can get some of the best powder in the morning then when its all blown out you go lap the best park in Canada.

            Years Standing Sideways: 15 years mang!

            Other Sponsors: Mypakage, Sandbox, RFLF, The Circle

            Best Shred Trip: Went to Davos Switzerland for a contest and ended up getting 3 days of 100 plus CM’s everyday! Needless to say we missed the contest!

            Other Hobbies: Really good at drinking Beer, board games, looking for used cars to buy haha.  Skateboarding always, riding the Camp of Champions in the summer, more skating, drinking beer, rope swinging, more skating and beer!

            Shout-Outs: Momma and Pa for always being amazing, Kevin Sansalone and Sandbox for the continues support and having my back, Dez Price and MyPakage also for the support and advice, Steve Harris and Laura Woerlee for being the best boss’s I could have and always supporting me, Brad Broughton (A.K.A Garbage bear), Jon Martin, Zack Stone, Ross Massie, Bruce Johnston and all the homies! All my sponsors for keeping my ass on snow, Lastly Sims and Marc Vitelli, thank you for everything, thank you for all your contributions to snowboarding and making it the lifestyle we are lucky to live! Im beyond proud to say im part of one of the most important brands in snowboarding history!

            Social Media:


            Instagram: harryg

            Snapchat: hasro

            • DAN McGONAGLE

              Dan McGonagle

              Dan McGonagle

              Dan McGonagle

              Board of Choice: The 155 Blade is easily the best board I have ever ridden, making it my favorite. The blade has a forgiving early rise on the nose to stay above the surface on pow and reliable stiffness for jumps, making it perfect for the backcountry or park laps.

              Set-up: My board’s setup has been 15 degrees, positive and negative, since I learned how to snowboard and a 21-inch stance between my bindings.


              Bread and Butter Trick: First lap of the day, I will go straight to a cab 5 off any jump.

              Home: I grew up riding Waterville Valley, NH for 10 years, commuting from Milton, MA. My favorite resort is Keystone, CO with their unbeatable rail setup and quarter pipe.

              Years Standing Sideways: I started taking lessons at Loon Mountain 13 years ago and I’ve been standing sideways since then.


              Best Shred Trip: Perisher Valley in Australia is easily the best trip I have ever been on.  This trip was my first time out of the country and meeting kangaroos made the trip even better!

              Other Hobbies: Skating is tough with the constant snow in Colorado, but cruising around Woodward at Copper is a place to go after riding. In Massachusetts the surf isn’t the greatest, but getting in the water, skateboarding, and chilling with friends is always fun.

              Shout-Outs: My first and biggest shout out to goes to Toms Sims for  creating this sport that we all love and pursue everyday. Also, my family for supporting me along the way of this journey, allowing me to pursue my dream! Shout out to all the other riders that have helped me along the way including Marc Vitelli, WVA, the Kirks Camp crew, Aidan Coyne and many more.

              Social Media:


              Insta and Twitter: @mcgonagled

              • ITALO VALLE

                Board of Choice: Dealers Choice because it handles anything!

                Set-Up: 2 :15,15 áng image (2)image (3)image (4)image (5)image (6)image (7)image (8)image (9)image (10)image (1)les , 22 wide , goofy

                Other Sponsors: Vonzipper, Sandbox, BAFWax, Nexstep Products

                Bread and Butter Trick: Switch front 540

                Home: Lima, Peru. Loveland Ski Area.

                Years Standing Sideways: 6 years snowboarding, 12years skateboarding

                Other hobbies: Every day on snow is a blessing. Building park feautures, hiking for freshies.  In the summer, skate photography hikes by the river.

                Shout Outs: Family for always supporting , girlfriend for believing in me , SIMS for giving me the opportunity , friends for making me push my limits!

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