Chris Roach

Name: Chris Roach

Years riding: 32

Home Mountain: Boreal / Squaw / Sugar Bowl

Sponsors: SIMS, Drop, Vans, Union, Crab Grab, Wend, Revert Foundation

Board of Choice and why: I choose to ride directional set back boards, camber based with a little early rise, sharp turners with a playful flex.

Stance and angles: Goofy – 18 front / 0 back – 21.5” stance

Why do you snowboard? Snowboarding is helpful for me in many ways. Clearing my head and feeling the energy of the mountains gets me out there. Once riding and negotiating down the hill, snowboarding is my only creative outlet that allows me to fully charge and feel as if I can do what I want when necessary. That feeling created is what keeps me riding snowboards.