Terry Kidwell Snowboarder Mag Interview

Kidwell Blog Image
Terry Kidwell has an awesome new interview that just dropped on Snowboarder Mag. Written by Pat Bridges, Terry talks about the early days of shredding around Tahoe, the re-issue of his iconic 1985 SIMS Kidwell Roundtail Pro-Model 1550 and everything in between.

Back in 1985 when this board was first released, it was the First ever Freestyle snowboard and the First ever Pro-Model snowboard. We’re so thankful in today’s age that Terry and Tom Sims had the vision to actually create and produce a board that could be ridden backwards. It truly opened doors for the freestyle movement.

These boards are being re-produced with the help of Terry, Signal Snowboards and Paul Schmitt. We are very excited to have Terry back on the program and to have this game changing board back in our line up for the up-coming winter.

Click the link below to read the entire interview and check Terry’s site, after September 1st to pre-order your Roundtail! Pray for snow.