Tom Sims Retro World Championships

Soda Springs, CA – March 23 & 24, 2013

This past weekend, SIMS snowboards was honored to sponsor the Tom Sims Retro World Championships event in Soda Springs, CA. The event celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Firstever Snowboarding Half-Pipe event, and honored the life and legacy of Tom Sims. A beautiful combination considering Tom was heavily involved in the creation of the original event in Soda Springs in 1983. The vibe 30 years later was epic with everyone getting sucked into the contagion of smiles as they shredded the small Tahoe resort in honor of Tom and his vision.

This epic throwback event put together by Mike Chantry and crew kicked off Saturday morning under sunny skies with hugs and high fives at registration for that day’s Giant Slalom event. Bob Klein was the Technical Director for the course and he set it up to run fast. Tom would have been stoked. The Legend riders were all on boards made before 1990, making the runs so much more impressive. These boards aren’t exactly light or

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responsive. The highlight of the race was watching snowboarding legend Chuck Barfoot, now in his 60’s, charge down the course like he was 20 years younger.

Sunday was the big day. It was 30 years to the day of the First half-pipe event. The crew was amped to get some air in the genuine hand dug ditch. Blue skies and warmer temps greeted all of the sideways standing shreds and it was on. The lineup included: Kevin Delaney, Chris Roach, Shawn Farmer, Scott Downey, Jeff Grell, Bob Klein, Scott Clum, Jeff Fulton, David Alden, Steve Link, Evan Feen, Keith Kimmel, Roan Rogers, Tom Routh, Heather Mills, Jeff Krebill, Bill Olsen, Scott Star, Ishi, Earl Zeller, Shalia Buxton, Dino Bonelli, Christie Elder and Dennis Nazari. Each run inspired the next. It was the first hit into the pipe that got the most attention with massive grassers and tweaks drawing the crowd’s cheer.

Evan Feen paid the ultimate tribute to Tom by sending it off of Wine Rock after competing in the pipe. Pretty remarkable as this is no small drop!

The award ceremony followed the pipe session and the positive vibe flowed onto the sunny south facing deck. Mike Chantry, Scott Clum, Michael Hess and Chuck Barfoot all gave emotional tribute speeches that had most of the crowd in tears. However, it was Tom Hsieh, founder of the first snowboard magazine, ISM, that offered the highlight of the afternoon as he read the California State Assembly’s Memorial Resolution in Tom’s memory. Amazing. The State of California has forever immortalized and recognized that Tom and his great character merit gratitude and respectful acknowledgment. Obviously, very well deserved.

A huge thanks goes to Mike Chantry, Don Bostick, Tom Collins, Bob Klein, Soda Springs, Flow, Sessions, Smokin Snowboards and especially Tom Sims. We’re forever in your tracks!


Legends Slalom:

1. Jeff Krebill (tie)

1. Dennis Nazari (tie)

3. Bob Klein


Open Slalom

1. Shawn Farmer

2. Marc Vitelli

3. Cameron Beck


Women’s Open Slalom

1. Christie Elder Ussher


Legends Pipe

1. Kevin Delaney

2. Cameron Beck

3. Chris Roach


Open Pipe

1. Cody Horan

2. Chris Roach

3. Marc Vitelli


Women’s Open Pipe

1. Christie Elder Ussher

2. Heather Mills Waggner-Jauregg

3. Shalia Buxton


Legends Overall

1. Cameron Beck

2. Chris Roach

3. Jeff Krebill


Open Overall

1. Cody Horan

2. Chris Roach

3. Marc Vitelli


Women’s Open Overall

1.Christie Elder Ussher