Tom Sims Retro World Snowboarding Championships: Legends of the Shred

  • Shaun Palmer, pre-race prep and through the first gates.

  • Chuck Barfoot, still ripping on the shred.

  • Pauly Johansen, picking up some speed into the first pitch.

  • Laurie Asperas, she came to win.

  • Kidwell and Delaney checking out the board that Delaney won the GS on: a Kidwell Roundtail prototype from '85.

  • Some shred dudes: old and young.

  • Palmer hasn’t lost a thing. Proper.

  • Revin’ Kevin Delaney hasn’t lost it either.

  • Chris Roach, for the win!

  • A shred family gathering, all to honor Tom and his vision.

  • Until next year, thanks to Soda Springs!

Photos: Mike Chantry and Marc Vitelli

Snowboarding is where it is today because of legendary visionaries from years past. The annual Tom Sims Retro World Snowboarding Championships is held at Soda Springs in North Lake Tahoe and brings these living legends out of the woodwork for a few days of high five’s, stoke and old school shredding. It’s a bit of a time warp, where all of a sudden you feel like you are at a snowboarding event from the mid 80’s. Add to this bluebird skies, 50-degree temps, cold adult beverages and you have the formula for one hell of a time.

The Legends of the Shred list from this year’s event goes like this: Shaun Palmer, Chris Roach, Shawn Farmer, Terry Kidwell, Jeff Grell, Jeff Fulton, Kevin Delaney, Bob Klein, Keith ‘Slasher’ Kimmel, Earl Zeller, Christie Elder, Laurie Asperas and the legendary Chuck Barfoot. Mix in some younger shreds who came to pay homage to snowboarding’s heritage and it really was hard to tell if it was 2014 or 1984.

Saturday was the GS event and the course was set up by Bob Klein. It was set up with high speed turns in mind and watching the guys in the Legend class blast down steeps and around gates on product that is 25 plus years old was nothing but inspiring. Kevin Delaney won the Legend division on a borrowed Terry Kidwell Roundtail Pro-Model prototype from 1985. For what it’s worth, his fastest time was faster than the guys who competed in the ‘Open’ or ‘Ride What Ya Brung’ class (boards newer than 1990). Impressive to say the least.

Sunday was really the main event and it lured in some special guests to rip the hand dug pipe: Danny Davis and Mark McMorris. Massive airs were being blasted into the pipe off the first hit with authority: methods/grassers, poked out indys, roast beefs, mutes, melons, half-cabs, nose bones, wildcats and alley-oops. Chris Roach just couldn’t be stopped as he handled some serious business on every single one of his runs. Seeing all of the Legends sharing the pipe with a younger generation of shreds was epic. Without a doubt, the stunt-sticking on Sunday in the ditch was all-time.

Regardless of the riders’ age or equipment, one common theme was very evident: the stoke that sliding sideways on snow brings to us all. Thank you to Mike Chantry, Don Bostick, Tom Collins, Bob Klein and Soda Springs Resort for putting this grassroots event together and helping to make it a success! A very special thanks goes out to Danny Kleinbub who traveled all the way from Germany for the experience. We’re betting it was well worth it!

GS Results

Legend Men – ‘89 or older board
1. Kevin Delaney
2. Shaun Palmer
3. Chris Roach
4. Dennis Nazari
5. Cameron Beck

Legend Women – ‘89 or older board
1. Christie Elder
2. Laurie Asperas

Open Men – ’90 or newer board
1. Cody Horan
2. Cameron Beck
3. Shawn Farmer
4. Marc Vitelli
5. Dennis Nazari

Halfpipe Results

Legend Men – ‘89 or older board
1. Chris Roach
2. Solomon Arthur
3. Kevin Delaney
4. Shaun Palmer
5. Jason Basarich

Legend Women – ‘89 or older board
1. Christie Elder
2. Laurie Asperas

Open Men – ’90 or newer board
1. Eric Messier
2. Cody Horan
3. Gray Thompson
4. Silver Serino
5. Rick Shimpeno