Tom’s ‘Paddle Out Ceremony’ September 16, 2012

Tom’s long time friend and surfing buddy, Terry English, led a Paddle Out Ceremony which was held at one of Tom’s favorite surf breaks, Hammond’s Beach in Montecito, CA. Approximately 300 friends and family members gathered on Sunday afternoon to honor Tom in a spiritual ceremony on the beach and out on the ocean, a surfing tradition. After a larger gathering on the shore, over 100 people, including Tom’s kids, Tommy, Shane and Sarah, paddled out on their boards and formed a large circle just beyond the break. Flowers were fondly placed into the middle of the circle while stories and prayers were shared amongst Tom’s friends and family. Tom’s wife Hilary, and step-daughters Alexa and Kylie, waded into the ocean and lovingly placed flowers into the waves breaking onto the shore. The Paddle Out was a sensational yet very emotional day for those who attended. Tom’s presence was felt all around and we are certain that he was catching a classic right with a beaming smile on his face. Tom will be forever missed, forever a legend.

Photos courtesy of Eric Issacs