Words: Marc Vitelli  Above image: Sean Sullivan 

Noah Salasnek needs no introduction. He had pro-models on H-Street and Life Skateboards before he set his eyes on ripping the snow and signing with SIMS. Noah always wanted to push the envelope and skate-style influenced snowboarding is what drove him. His technical wizardry allowed him to cross over tricks, which largely contributed to his innovative and fluid style. This ultra smooth skate-inspired riding ultimately helped shape freestyle snowboarding as we know it today. 

After some years chasing the contest scene, Noah set his sights on the then mostly unexplored big-mountain riding aspect of snowboarding. This quest eventually led him to the last frontier in Alaska where Standard Films documented his exploits. He quickly set new backcountry standards, demonstrating that riding spines was possible, opening the door for the next generation of riders. He was the first to truly mix freestyle and freeriding, blurring those then defined lines.

We are proud and honored to have Noah forever part of the Legendary SIMS team. His contributions are what has defined Tom’s core visions of what snowboarding can be and where it's going.

Thank you Noah, you are a true visionary and legend and your undeniable influence will continue to inspire us all. Rest in peace.