Be part of one of the greatest 2-day Snowboarding Events and Family Reunions that celebrates the life, legacy and vision of Tom Sims! This grassroots event started way back in 1983 and has helped shape snowboarding as we know it today. This year we also celebrate 40 years of SIMS Snowboards! Come join in on the fun and be part of a historical event that pays tribute to Tom and the simpler times in snowboarding. Thanks Tom!

Schedule of events:

-Friday March 24th - media day and course / pipe inspection

-Saturday March 25th - a modern downhill inspired slalom course

-Sunday March 26th - an old-school inspired 6'-8' hand dug ditch / pipe: bank to vert with runways and tombstones

-AWARDS will follow the pipe event on Sunday

There are 3 divisions that can be entered:

1. ‘Legends’ - on a board that is ‘89 or older

2. ‘Open’ - on a board that is ‘90 or newer

3. 'Juniors' - Boys and Girls (15 and under)

Online registration is now live and will be open to the First 120 paid riders. Link to registration is here: