If you were to ask yourself why you snowboard today it’s likely because the first time you stepped on a board it changed your life. You can thank Tom for that. Tom was a true pioneer and his extreme dedication and passion for snowboarding in turn created the snowboarder and the ‘snowboard’ lifestyle, which has shaped an entire generation of shredders.

We are very honored and excited to announce that Tom received a nomination to be inducted into the US Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame! He absolutely crushed the vote and got in on his first attempt (no surprise)! Tom, along with a star-studded group of industry athletes and innovators will join the ranks of industry greatness before them on April 6th, 2019 in Salt Lake City! Tom would be proud and we are too. Thanks Tom!

Above - Tom's First snowboard, built in 1963. Photo: Gabe Re.   Right - Filming during 'Freewheeling' movie at Tea Bowl, 1976. Photo: Bud Fawcett

Above and right - on set as the 007 / James Bond stunt double during the filming of 'A View To A Kill' 1984. Photos: James Faulkner

Above - heli laps at Silverton Mountain in 2010. Photo: Aaron Dodds.   Right - in deep in the Crested Butte backcountry, 2011. Photo: Aaron Dodds