Aaron Golbeck

Name: Aaron Golbeck, or most times A-A-Ron 

Years riding: 6 years

Home Mountain: Summit County (Keystone, Breck, Arapahoe Basin, Copper)

Sponsors: SIMS, CG Habitats, Crab Grab

Board of Choice and why: Juice 153 because it’s playful and responsive, a perfect balance for a park board. And my Tom Sims Pro 158 for pow days!!

Stance and angles: Goofy, 9s under the feet. Width changes from time to time.

Why do you snowboard? I just love to be on a board. I can't skateboard in the winter so I started snowboarding and was instantly hooked. I'm addicted to the feeling of pushing myself and seeing what I'm capable of. And honestly, not much beats a good session with the homies!

What/anything else? Be yourself, and have fun!

Thanks: Thank you Mom and Dad, Aunt Nicky, Garrett Kneeshaw, Blake Olsen, Martin Allen, Marc Vitelli, Seth Hill, Steve Lewis, Mr. Hamilton, Steve Schultz, Nick Hartman and the rest of my friends and family out there. I wouldn't be where I am without you guys!