Harrison Gray


Name: Harrison Gray - Harry or Hasro 

Years riding: 17

Home Mountain: Whistler Blackcomb

Sponsors: SIMS Snowboards, Sandbox Helmets and Eyewear, The Circle, RFLF clothing, 686, MyPakage underwear, Vans

Board of Choice and why: Dealers Choice 1540 in the park because the Shockwave camber profile is amazing! Tom Sims Pro 1550 for all-mountain because it is a power-house and will ride through anything!

Stance and angles: Regular, 21.75 inches wide, FF 27degrees BF -25 degrees

Why do you snowboard? Because it’s the best thing ever! Simple enough!

What/anything else? Big thanks to SIMS for all the support but also for always being around! The history that SIMS has is crazy and will never be forgotten!Thanks so much!

Thanks: Thanks to all my sponsors who have always supported me! Thank you to all the Family and Friends for always being there for me!