Joshua Feliciano

Name: Joshua Feliciano aka Fletch aka Fletch Man aka Fletchcity 

Years Riding: 21 years

Home Mountain: Squaw Valley USA

Sponsors: SIMS, Tomahawk Intl, thirtytwo, Oakley eyewear

Board of choice and why: SIMS Blade 1580 because the board is stiff which is good for all mountain and park riding with solid pop for jumps. It also rips in the backcountry like you would never believe.

Stance and angles: Goofy, 21 ½” wide, 17° and -9°

Why do you snowboard? I snowboard because nothing in the world could possibly surpass how happy and free it makes me feel. No matter what, the mountains have the ability of creating a different experience each day. Something about being in nature and around big mountains is very humbling. Putting your trust in yourself and the people you’re with when you are out in the backcountry, pushing yourself against Mother Nature, sure is fun.

What/and anything else? Just an old guy trying to keep my shred game mint.

Thanks: Thanks Tom Sims! Marc Vitelli – SIMS Snowboards, Jimbo Morgan – Tomahawk Intl, Chris Wilmouth – thirtytwo, Andrew “Jello” – Oakley Eyewear, IJ Venezuala, Peter Tankersley, Bryan Sampson, Seth Hill, Ricky Gatterdam, Rob Walter, Gus Buckner, Mother Teresa and Robert, Sister Emily, my dad and little bros Joe and Jesse.