Nastya Zhukova

Name: Anastasia aka Nastya Zhukova 

Years riding: 10

Home Mountain: Igora, deep deep in Russia; now it’s anywhere snow falls, chasing it all year round.

Sponsors: SIMS snowboards, Lumberyard

Board of Choice and why: SoFun - girly, sneaky, perfect for jibing, small features and all the fun; Juice - guys board but I still love it when stuff gets serious, big jumps and competitions, keeps me steady on high speeds and big impact landings.

Stance and angles: goofy - 20,5 inches - 12/9

Why do you snowboard? That's the way my soul is speaking, the way I express myself, the thing I’m good at and want get better at every day.

Thanks: Thanks mom and dad :) and all the sponsors the homies for support!