Ryan Flaska

Name: Flaska 

Years riding: 21

Home Mountain: Brighton

Sponsors: SIMS, Max Snowboard Shop, Armada Outerwear , Candy Grind Gloves, BAF wax, Butt Snorkeler

Board of Choice and why: JUICE 1560 - Never have I ridden a board so fun, playful and jibby while being able to rocket off big jumps and cliffs without skipping a beat. I had to get used to ollying so high the first time I ever rode it. This board is pissed!!

Stance and angles: I have never measured the width of my stance and I’m not going to anytime soon. I like to ride somewhere between 1 centimeter and 1 inch back of center to give myself a directional stance and I keep my angles one notch in from fifteen, since we are getting technical.

Why do you snowboard? It’s a release from everything. It’s something I can do that completely scares the shit out of myself and nobody else is in control. How else can you travel across NATURAL terrain that fast without a motor?

What/anything else? I love the water and being around it. I love sitting on the beach in Michigan and enjoying the fresh water, floating down the river, battle axe tubing (that shit gets real — people get knocked out all the time), river hikes in the desert, surfing in Encinitas… if there’s water, I’m in. I like to spend my free time camping and finding new places to explore.

Thanks: Thank you mom for always making sure I went snowboarding and making sure it was something I pursued from the time I was a kid. My brother, for taking me out and making sure all the older kids had my back on the hill. My whole family always took snowboarding as seriously as I did. Sooo many times have I had a homie make sure I was able to shred. If I ever broke a board, someone had one for me — boots, bindings, everything. I’ve gone through an entire season without a winter jacket, until someone put one on my back. The list of people who have “sponsored” me throughout the years is endless, but I can guarantee every last one of them knew how much it meant to me at the time and to this day. I’ll try to name just a few off the top of my head, everyone at SIMS Snowboards, Alyson, Alden, Varner, Ron, Ozzy, Fucca, Scott, Shields, Jason, Munoa, Jordan, Mr. Anderson, Jacob, Babo, Bjorn, Cheese Burger, Cooper (my hero), Jesse, Durgan, Devo, Larson, Park City park crew (big shout out there), O.G., Shortbus, Dane, Zach, all the homies from Max snowboard shop, Stanley, Tassle, Tomai, and anybody else I may have forgotten that made sure I was able to shred at one point in time, thank you!