Terry Kidwell

Name: Terry Kidwell (TK) 

Years riding: 38

Home Mountains: Squaw Valley, Homewood and Boreal

Sponsors: SIMS, 686, Vans, Union Bindings, Smith Optics, Crab Grab, DaKine, SkullCandy, Oneball Wax

Board of Choice and why: My new RT2 with Traditional Camber and my original Roundtail graphic from '85... it's a machine!

Stance and angles: Goofy, 19 front, 0 back, 22.5 width

Why do you snowboard? It’s that feeling you get cruising down the mountain: slashing, carving, getting some air. It’s like a big skate park when you hit the good lines. I love being in the mountains and riding in the moment. It’s like flying down the Mountain. Powder days are the best. Riding with friends always makes for good times.

What/anything else? A special thanks to SIMS Snowboards, Marc Vitelli and Hilary Sims for keeping Tom’s legacy alive with boards that Tom would be stoked to ride and promote. There is something special about having a SIMS board under my feet. SIMS RULES!!! Thanks Tom!

Thanks: Mom and Dad for all your continued support over the years and those first 2 boards you bought me when I started riding. All my friends and all the riders around the world that have the same passion to shred and have fun. And of course thank you to all my sponsors. You guys rock. Ride On!